School Life - Regius School
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School Life

We present a curriculum based on the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and underpinned by our Christian faith.


We develop our children in the capacities of successful learners, effective contributors and responsible citizens, with Christian values based on Biblical principles.

We encourage active learning and independent learning skills so the children explore and discover together and develop their own learning strategies and ways to articulate these.

We learn in the context of the classroom and the rich countryside environment around us.

We respect the freedom of childhood and support the children as they learn and grow in confidence within our family atmosphere.

Our vibrant school enables the children to think creatively across all aspects of the curriculum. The expressive arts play an important role in our school life and enhance the children’s learning experiences.

Small classes allow the children to grow and develop at a pace appropriate for the individual.

We value the role of parents within the life of our school.


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