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Christian Education to Transform a Generation

Our vision is for each child to see themselves as God the Father sees them


Regius is an independent Christian School, providing a happy, caring and creative environment for all children, aged five to fourteen years. We aim to be a centre of educational excellence where each child’s unique ability is recognised and developed, focusing on their individual learning skills and aspirations.

In Regius we provide an encouraging and creative environment in which children can reach their full potential and gain in confidence. Our small class groups facilitate a safe, caring, family atmosphere.

Vision and Aims

Our curriculum, policies and procedures have been developed from discussions about how to achieve our school vision that ‘each child will see themselves as God the Father sees them’ and for our children to dream big dreams and be the very best they can be!

Our main characteristics:

  • Confident and caring children
  • High standards and attainment
  • Small classes, with high teacher-pupil ratio
  • Frequent one-to-one teaching
  • An encouraging and creative environment
  • Excellent communication with parents
  • Quality assurance, fully documented, at every level