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Fees for school year 2023/24


School fees for school term 2023/24 have been set at a level that allows as many families as possible to benefit from a Christian education, which we believe is God’s will for the school.


School fees payable for the 2023/24 school year are:



Fee per term

Total fee for 2023/24 school year

Monthly payment

One Child




Two Children




Three Children





Schools fees are payable monthly over a twelve month period, with the first payment due on 5th August 2022. In accordance with the Parental Contract, subsequent payments need to be made on or before 5th of each month, which allows us to manage our cashflow position. If preferred, School fees can be paid to the School in full prior to the start of the term.

Our recommendation is to set up a standing order from your bank account, to pay the fees by the due date each month. Our bank details will be given to you upon applying to the school.